Washer/Dryer Repair

close up open dryer

We know better than anyone that when there is a problem with your washer or dryer it can cause a lot of disruptions to your daily life in the household. We all need clean clothes in order to go on with our lives, so when there is a problem with your washer/dryer then it can have pretty negative side effects. It can disrupt all your normal patterns and potentially end up in you having to go over to a friend’s house to do your washing. Nobody wants to have to do this. We can repair both your washer and dryer for you. We can fix problems such as washer not draining, the door not being able to open and failure to start its load.

Washer not Draining

We understand that when your washing machine does not work properly, then it effects your day to day life. If your washer is not draining the water out after the cycle is complete, then you might just have a clogged hose. This clog could have been caused by an item of small clothing that was able to somehow get into the hose and caused it to be clogged. One item of clothing that is small is a sock, which we have seen clog a hose before. In this case re can remove whatever is clogging the hose or pipe for you.

Door not Opening

This is a small problem that our team knows exactly how to fix for you. If your door on your dishwasher is stuck and refuses to open, then you’re going to need someone to take a good look at it and repair it for you. Sometimes machines will do this automatically in order to prevent water from leaking out, if it detects that there is still water inside. It could be stuck due to another reason. Let our team of experts help fix your washer/dryer door.

Failure to Start

If your washer/dryer does not want to start, then this can be one of the more severe problems the machine can have. One thing we ask you to check first is that the door is closed, as this can often times be the reason why the machine won’t start. If this is not case for you then luckily you have our team who are ready and waiting to help you. We will fix the problem for you as quickly as we can. No problem is too big or small for us.


We understand that washers usually move from time to time as there is a fair amount of spinning going on inside the machine while its washing your clothes. What we don’t see as normal is if the washer/dryer starts to vibrate an excessive amount making it seem as though it’s an aeroplane that is about to take off from your kitchen. This is not a normal sign and should be seen to as soon as possible, before the problem gets more severe and gives everyone in your family a headache. Nobody wants an extremely loud and vibrating washing or drying machine in their house.