Stove/Oven Repair

handyman doing oven repair

We can fix problems such as your stove not heating and ovens not heating. If your oven is not heating, then we strongly feel that one of the heating elements could be defective. Let our team of experts detect if it’s a problem with your oven or just an electrical problem and then provide you with the best solution. We can also assist with your oven door problems, interior light issues and sort out a simple problem like not being able to adjust the heat of the oven.

Oven Won’t Heat

If your oven is not heating properly then you are going to need to look at getting it repaired. There are many reasons as to why this could be happening which we will explain to you now. We will need to check the electric heating elements, the electric temperature sensor, the gas ignitor, thermostat switch, the relays and the calibration dial. This way we can really get to the bottom of the problem and fix the exact part that is not working.

Oven Door

If your oven door won’t unlock or open, then you are going to need our team of experts to see what the problem is. We suggest that if there is food in the oven then you need to wait for the oven to cool down before you try to open it again. We will help by putting the oven on a cycle where it will clean itself and run a few other processes to see which one will get your oven working perfectly again. We can’t think of a more frustrating problem than seeing your food ready in the oven but the door not being able to open so that you can start eating it the delicious food you just made.

Interior Light

There is nothing worse than putting your food in the oven and not being able to see how the food is doing, especially when you are baking and you need to see how much the cake has risen before taking it out. This is due to the interior light not working which results in you not being able to see anything cooking in your oven when the door is closed. We know that the oven is still cooking the food and that’s the part that counts most, but it will make keeping track on your food quite an impossible task.

Adjust Heat

When it comes to cooking, if you can’t adjust the heat then you might as well not use the oven. Cooking things at the wrong heat will be a difficult task and could result in a bunch of flop meals. If the temperature sensor inside the oven is not working properly then it can result in the oven not heating to the correct temperature. Your temperature sensor inside your oven may just be faulty and in need of a repair. Our professionals can come in and fix this problem for you so that you can carry on cooking as normal.