Refrigerator Repair

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If your refrigerator is needing a repair then you probably have one of the following problems; fridge leaking, freezer not cooling, freezer repair or fridge not cooling. All of these problems are easy to fix. We can help with all your appliance repairs no matter how big or small the problem is. There is nothing worse than a fridge that is not cooling or a freezer that is not cooling, as this disrupts how people live their daily lives. It can also cause unwanted mess and further damage to your home or business.


When you open your fridge door to find a snack and see water droplets on the back and sides of the inside of your fridge, it’s a sign that your refrigerator needs to be repaired. Condensation on the inside of your fridge means that it is not cooling down correctly. The first thing you should do when you notice this problem, is to check the rubber seal around your fridge door. If you notice that it is wet and there is mold forming on it, then the sealing on your fridge is the problem. If you do not fix this issue, it will get worse over time. Ultimately resulting in your produce becoming ruined.

Over-Heated Motor

All refrigerators have a motor and it is not unusual for it to be warm. If you notice that your refrigerator motor appears to be unusually hot, that is a sign that it needs to be repaired. The problem could be the motor itself being overworked thus becoming overheated or it could be a sign that the problem is something else and your fridges motor is having to do more work than usual. Whatever the case may be, the motor needs to be assed immediately as the motor is a fridges main component.

Buzzing Sound

All refrigerators have their own amount of noise that they always make, but you may notice that your fridge is making a louder or more constant noise than normal. If your fridge is making a louder or more constant noise, then it could be the compressor or another component that is causing the problem. If your compressor is the problem, it may be worn out, thus making the noise. Another component that could be causing this is the cooling fan. This could be because it is dirty and needing a clean. When the fan is dirty, it struggles to spin at ease and maybe even at the wrong angle.

Icy Freezer

You’re probably thinking, “it’s a freezer, of course it’s going to be icy”, but your freezer should never have big bits of ice in it. A freezer that is working properly should hardly ever need to be defrosted. Newer refrigerators come with self-defrosting systems, so if you have one of these newer systems and you’re experiencing big chunks of ice, then you know you have a problem. If your refrigerator doesn’t have the new system and your freezer is constantly needing to be defrosted, then this is a sign that your refrigerator needs to be repaired.

Freezer Repair Fort Worth

Our Fort Worth TX appliance repair company offers top-quality freezer repairs for our fellow locals. Living in Texas, a freezer is your best friend and we know how important it is to fix them in a jiffy. If it's an emergency freezer repair, which a lot of them air, we can be there on the same day and we repair all brands. Hotpoint freezer repair, for example, is one of our specialties. Sometimes the freezer won't turn on, or commercial freezers break down. We are here to help in Fort Worth for all that you need to get your freezer up and running again. Let's the get the process started today with a quick, easy quote!