Gas Appliance Repair

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If you are needing a gas appliance service done in your home, then give us a call. We can help repair a list of gas appliance brands and we know all the tricks of the trade, due to our many years of experience dealing with these units in particular. If your gas appliance is not working, then it could be due to many different things such as the surface burner not working, a pilot light issue, a weak burner flame and gas odor problems.  We understand that each of these issues can disrupt your daily life and make cooking quite a frustrating topic in a household.

Surface Burner

This is the part of the stove where the flame comes out. One of the most common gas stove problems that people tend to have is that the surface burner wont light. This is caused by either the pilot lights going out or the burner portholes are completely clogged. Our experts can come over and fix your surface burner for you so that you can carry on with your daily lives as normal. We know that a problem like this could potentially be stressful and disrupt your day to day life. We don’t want you to be stressed out.

Pilot Light

A pilot light is the small gas burner that is burning the entire time you are cooking in order to light a bigger burner. If the flame on your burner keeps going out, then we need to clean out the opening of the pilot light for you. Another option is to change the flame of the pilot light and see if anything changes. These are all easy steps for us to do as we have years of experience dealing with gas appliances and services. Let our team fix this problem for you in a few quick and easy steps.

Weak Burner Flame

If you are experiencing a clogged burner flame, then you will be able to see that the burner flame is not as strong as it usually is. This can make cooking and frying your food quite a slow process if you are needing the flames to be stronger. Another reason could be that you don’t have enough gas coming through for the flame to be strong. If you find yourself in this situation, then call our customer care providers so they can set you up with an appointment as soon as possible and the professionals can help you out.

Gas Odor

Are you smelling gas in the house even though the pilot flame is not even burning? We recommend you open some windows in the house for safety reasons, as this can be dangerous to breath in. Secondly we want you to make sure that all of the burners are in fact turned off. If there is still a problem, then let our team come over and assist you in sorting out the problem. We suggest you find out the cause of this problem as soon as possible, as it can be quite a dangerous situation for you and your family.