Dishwasher Repair

handyman appliance repair dishwasher

If your dishwasher is in need of a repair, let our team give you a hand. A dishwasher can completely break or just have a small problem that can be super easy and simple to fix. There are many problems a dishwasher can have such as dishwasher leaking, dishwasher not draining, your dishes don’t come out clean or the dishwasher makes a humming sounds but no actual water comes out. These are the most common problems that we can easily help fix as we have many years of experience dealing with these issues and repairing them.

Dishwasher Leaking

Is your floor starting to see a little too much water when you put the dishwasher on? This could be a result of two situations. The first situation could be that your dishwasher could have a leak in the door seal, which is why water is coming out when you turn the dishwasher on. The other situation could be that water is leaking out from the bottom of your dishwasher, which means there is a leak underneath the unit. This could either be the water pump leaking or the water inlet valve.

Dishwasher not Draining

If you have started to notice that after you have used your dishwasher, the water is not draining out. This is a clear sign that there is block in the drain path. This drain path is responsible for draining out the water after the dishes are clean, but if there is something blocking it then this process won’t be possible and water will stay inside the dishwasher. We could need to replace your drain pump or just clear the drain path or line. Call our team of professionals in to look at your dishwasher and help decided on a solution.

Dishes Don’t Get Clean

One of the problems a dishwasher can have the most is that it doesn’t do what its suppose to, which is clean dishes. There could be other problems that are causing the dishwasher to not clean any dishes such as overloading or not taking the food off the dishes before you put them in. If you feel that these are not the problems that are causing the dishes to come out dirty, then you might need a professional to come in and assess the problem. After an assessment then we can decide what the best solution would be and then go ahead with repairing the dishwasher for you.

Dishwasher Noises

Is your dishwasher making a ton of weird and strange noises when it’s on? You should wait a while and see if the level of the noise increases and if this happens then you can call our team in to assess the situation and repair it. The noises normally sound like grinding or thumping noises, depending on the type of problem. We advise you to listen to your dishwasher when it makes noises as this is its way of telling you there is something broken. We can help you solve any problems you are having with your dishwasher.