Appliance Brands

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You may be wondering if we fix appliances for all brands? Well we can answer that for you right now. We work together with many brands such as Samsung, Kenmore, Electrolux, GE, Bosch, LG, Maytag, Frigidaire, Miele. We know these brands well and have many years of experience working with them. We can also advise which brands would be good for your space and your budget. We are the most trusted and consistent appliance company in the Fort Worth area.

Refrigerator Brands

We stock only the best refrigerators money can buy. One of these brands is LG. They offer many different options for your specific price range. Another reliable brand that we stock is Samsung. They also offer many different options that we stock as well. Their door designs vary from French doors to side-by-side doors. Whirlpool is another reliable brand that offers very good warranties on all their refrigerators. If you’re looking for a brand that caters to the lower side of a budget, then Danby would be the brand for you. They have various sizes to cater to the size that best suits the space you have for a refrigerator.

Washing Machine Brands

If you’re wanting a new washing machine and you’re wanting one that in good in all aspects, then the brand you’ll be wanting to look at is Samsung. It’s very quiet and extremely efficient. If you’re looking for a large capacity washing machine, we have LG. It is very reliable and provides a thorough wash. Are you looking for a washing machine that offers a quiet wash? If so, then the brand you want is Whirlpool. They have an exceptional energy rating as well as a 19 program selection to accommodate any type of wash that you may need to do.

Oven Brands

If you’re on the market for an electric oven, we stock the best brand available. LG has the best electric oven on the market as they offer true convection. If you’re shopping on a budget, then Whirlpool is the brand that’s best for you. While it may not have all the features that the high-end option has, it is still a very good option. If your budget is on the higher-end of the scale, then we have the Wolf brand. It’s cooking cavity offers even heating. It has a number of cooking modes for whatever it may be that you are wanting to cook.

Dishwasher Brands

When buying a dishwasher, there’s a few things to take into consideration and we have the best dishwasher appliance brands that will suit your needs. The dishwasher brand that will accommodate all your needs is Bosch. They’re very reliable, with attractive designs and are also extremely quiet. If you’re on a budget, we have a brand called Maytag. It may not be the most powerful, but it is very reliable and an affordable option that does what needs to be done. We also stock the best portable dishwasher brand, SPT. So if you’re needing a good and reliable dishwasher, this is the brand for you.